Sincere thanks to Patrick Hugh Lynch who recognised the importance of bringing the previously unavailable “Our Heroes” information into the public domain, collected the “Our Heroes” page images, and funded its initial development.

Thanks also to the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht, and special thanks to the National Library of Ireland through whose generosity we were allowed access to the original Our Heroes publications leading to the publication of this valuable resource. Finally, thanks are extended to the NLI desk staff who regularly provided services “above and beyond the call of duty”.

The greatest thanks are due to Dave Power who saw the benefits of making the Our Heroes resource available to researchers. Not alone did he see the benefits but willingly undertook the onerous task of converting the scans of the Our Heroes supplements to text, organised the data into database format and checked and normalised the data ready for use as the basis of a website. This website would not have been possible without the great volume of work he undertook and without his steering of the development of the website.