About Decade of Centenaries

Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries 2013 to 2023 is being marked by South Dublin Libraries on the 100th anniversary of each notable year.

Starting with 2013, the first of a series of schools packs titled “Riots, Rifles and Rebels”, aimed at late primary and early secondary schools, was published in hard copy and online on the “Source” digital archive. Rare photographs and paper ephemera pertaining to the Lockout were acquired through the generosity of individual donors, government agencies and religious orders. These are available to view on the digital archive.

The Great War centenary continues this theme with the launch of the “Our Heroes” database, and the next in the “Riots, Rifles and Rebels” pack for schools giving an overview of World War I in an accessible form for students. There was an exhibition of artefacts from the main combatants in the conflict in the County Library in Tallaght in August, along with recruitment posters and many additions to the “Source” digital archive.

The 1916 Centenary will see hundreds more items added to our archives including historic documents, contemporary photographs and fascinating photographs of items from the period. The 1916 centenary commemoration will also include items from the War of Independence and Civil War.