Right Rev. Mgr. Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew

Date published: 22/01/1915
Killed in action: No
Information: The Right Rev. Mgr. Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew, K.H.S., Senior Chaplain to the Forces (R.C.), who has been mentioned in despatches. He was born in Headingly, Leeds, in 1858, and was a son of the late Rev. Harry Lloyd Bickerstaffe and Mona Brougham, daughter of the late Rev. Pierce William Drew, of Heathfield Towers, Youghal. In 1879 he assumed the additional surname of Drew. He was educated at Edward VI. Grammar School, Lichfield; St. Chad's College (A.S.N.C. 1st Class Honours)and Oxford. He was ordained Priest in 1884, and was Assistant Priest of Pro-Cathedral, Kensington, from 1884 to 1886, Acting Chaplain to the Forces, 1886-93, and was Chaplain to the Forces, Plymouth, from 1893 to 1899; Senior R.C. Chaplain, Malta, 1899-1905 and 1909, and Chaplain to the Forces, Salisbury Plain, from 1905 to 1909. He was Private Chamberlain of his late Holiness Pope Leo XIII and of his late Holiness Pope Pius X. He was created a Knight of the Sacred Military Order of the Holy Sepulchre and Count in 1909. He is the well known writer of several books under the name of John Ayscough.