Cadet Charles Huband Wilson

Regiment: H.M.S. Bulwark
Date published: 22/01/1915
Killed in action: Yes
Date of death: 26/11/1914
Age at death: 15
Cemetery: Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Plot: 1
Information: Cadet Charles Huband Wilson, H.M.S. Bulwark, the younger son of Mr. Charles J. Wilson, of Ailesbury Park, Dublin, was born on the 2nd January, 1899. He was for four years at the preparatory school, Connaught House, Weymouth, and from there entered Osbourne in September, 1911. He was Chief Cadet Captain at Osbourne when he entered Dartmouth in September, 1913. On the outbreak of war in August last, he was made a Cadet Captain at Dartmouth before being sent for service on the Bulwark, in the explosion of which he lost his life.