Major Arthur Sinclair Vernon Hume

Regiment: Scottish Horse
Panel reference: Panel 21.
Date published: 26/11/1915
Killed in action: Yes
Date of death: 21/09/1915
Age at death: 50
Cemetery: Helles Memorial, Turkey
Information: Major Arthur Sinclair Vernon Hume, Scottish Horse, who died of wounds received in action, was closely related to the well known County Antrim family of Macartney, of Lissanoure Castle, Loughguile. His father, the late Sir Gustavus Hume, was the grandson of the Rev. Travers Hume, who married, in 1875, the niece and heiress of the distinguished Ulsterman, Indian Administrator and Ambassador, Karl Macartney, of Lissanoure, Antrim, through whom the Humes succeeded to Lissanoure Castle.