Fleet Paymaster Augustus Elliot Tabateau

Regiment: H.M.S. Natal
Panel reference: 9
Date published: 28/01/1916
Killed in action: Yes
Date of death: 30/12/1915
Cemetery: Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, United Kingdom
Information: Fleet Paymaster Augustus Elliot Tabateau, R.N., was killed on board H.M.S. Natal on December 30th, 1915. He was the youngest Fleet Paymaster in the Navy, having received six years special promotion for distinguished service performed while serving with the Naval Brigade in the relief of the Legation at Peking during the Boxer rising of 1900, and held the China Medal. He was the eldest son of the late Mr. Joseph Manly Tabateau, J.P., and Mrs. Tabateau, Kilmalogue House, Portarlington.