Captain Robert Henry Walshe

Regiment: Royal Horse Artillery
Date published: 31/03/1916
Killed in action: No
Information: Captain Robert Henry Walshe, Royal Horse Artillery, is the youngest son of the Archdeacon of Dublin. He was educated at Marlborough College. In 1904 he passed out of Woolwich R.M.A., and was gazetted to the R.F.A. In 1906 he went for service to India, where he remained until 1910, when he was gazetted Lieutenant, and returned to England. In 1914 he was promoted Staff Officer and Captain at Trinidad, but on his arrival found that war had been declared with Germany, and applied to be recalled and sent to the front. He was gazetted Lieutenant, R.H.A., 3rd Cavalry Division, and was sent to the relief of Antwerp, being subsequently promoted Captain. He has been at the front since October, 1914, and has been mentioned in despatches and awarded the Military Cross. His elder brother, Commander J. G. Walshe, is also on active service with H.M.S. Australia, 2nd flagship North Sea Fleet.