Sub Lieutenant Humphrey F. Vernon

Regiment: H.M.S. Hampshire
Date published: 28/07/1916
Killed in action: No
Information: Sub-Lieutenant Humphrey F. Vernon, R.N., was the youngest son of Mr. Fane Vernon, D.L., Erne Hill, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, and 1 Wilton Place, Dublin. He was educated at Winton House, Winchester, and Royal Naval Colleges, Osborne and Dartmouth. He served on board H.M.S. Cumberland, Shannon, Hibernia, Commonwealth and Hampshire, and in the last named ship took part in the naval action off the coast of Jutland and was lost by the sinking of the ship off the west coast of the Orkney Islands on the 5th June, 1916, with Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener on board, only 11 survivors being washed on shore on a raft.