Captain J.W. Battersby

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery
Date published: 23/11/1917
Killed in action: No
Information: Captain J.W. Battersby M.C., Royal Field Artillery, was educated at Saint Columba's College, Rathfarnham, and at Wellington College, Berks, from which he passed direct into Woolwich, obtaining his commission in the R.F.A. in August, 1910. On the outbreak of war he proceeded to France with the Divisional Artillery of the original Expeditionary Force, and in July, 1916, was awarded the Military Cross for distinguished service. On October 24th, 1916, he was officially reported missing, while in command of his battery. With his brother officer he is supposed to have fallen into the enemy's hands while carrying out a reconnaissance. He was the only son of Colonel Battersby, J.P., and Mrs. Battersby, of Knock-na-Mac, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.