Lieutenant Colonel (T.) Maurice O'Connor Tandy

Regiment: Royal Engineers
Date published: 22/03/1918
Killed in action: No
Information: Lt. Colonel (T.) Maurice O'Connor Tandy, Royal Engineers, who has received the D.S.O., is one of three brothers to receive this decoration during the present war. He is a descendant of the historic Napper Tandy, of Johnstown, Co. Meath. Col. Maurice Tandy is well known in the cricket world, having played for his corps and Free Foresters, etc. And also as a Rugby footballer. He had the distinction of winning the double bugle when a cadet at Woolwich. He was wounded at the battle of Loos while with the Guard's Brigade, and was afterwards employed in connection with the tanks as far back as February, 1916. He went to Mesopotamia in Sept., 1916.