Lieutenant Frederick Allen Ashe

Regiment: Royal Navy Reserve
Date published: 12/07/1918
Killed in action: No
Information: Lieutenant Frederick Allen Ashe, R.N.R., has a very distinguished record of service since the outbreak of the war, and has received the thanks of the Swedish Government for saving the crew of a vessel wrecked at Albatross Rocks in October, 1917. Since the outbreak of hostilities he has served through the German South African rebellion as Signaller with the Imperial Light Horse, and afterwards joined the R.N.R., one of his earliest duties in the Reserve being to sweep up the first minefields off the Cape. He was subsequently transferred home. Lieut. Ashe holds certificates as Extra Master, Government Mine Surveyor, Mine Overseer, Mine Manager, and Mining Engineer, and is the inventor and patentee of Captain Ashe's Position Finder and Course Protractor.