Lieutenant Graham de Montmorency Armstrong-Lushington-Tulloch

Regiment: Connaught Rangers
Date published: 22/01/1915
Killed in action: Yes
Date of death: 05/11/1914
Age at death: 28
Cemetery: Rue Du Bacquerot No.1 Military Cemetery, Laventie, Pas de Calais, France
Information: Lieutenant Graham De Montmorency Armstrong Lushington Tulloch, Connaught Rangers, son of Mrs. Lushington-Tulloch, Shanbolard, Letterfrack, Co. Galway, was killed in action on November the 7th whilst attacking a German trench near Neuve Chapelle. He was gallantly leading his men against great odds, and though wounded continued to encourage them to his last moments, but though the task was only accomplished with great loss, it was carried out to the complete satisfaction of the General. Mr. Lushington-Tulloch was a very popular officer, and his men were so attached to him that they would have followed him into any zone of danger.
Additional information: Son of the late William Cairns Armstrong-Lushington-Tulloch and Kate France-Lushington-Tulloch, of Shanbolard, Moyard, Co. Galway.