Online Resources
South Dublin Libraries’ guide with information about online sources available for researchers of British Army servicemen and servicewomen
A Roll of Honour of men from the current South County Dublin area who died in the First World War. The list was compiled from printed publications, local WWI memorials, CD databases and online sources. The Roll of Honour identifies those men whose death record includes the name of the parish in which they were either born or resided. However, not all of the death records include this information, and for this reason the list is incomplete, but may be added to.
The National Archives of Ireland’s digitised collection of Irish soldiers’ wills who died while serving in the British Army. Most of these date from World War I. Free to search.
A collaboration between the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, Google and Eneclann, this database enables the searching by name of the “Ireland’s Memorial Records” volumes, published in 1923 in eight parts by the Committee of the Irish National War Memorial. It contained the names of 49,647 individuals and was originally illustrated throughout by artist Harry Clarke. This site returns text results and not the original pages.
This Daily Telegraph site is republishing complete back issues of its newspapers online for the entire centenary period of 2014 to 2018. Updated daily.
The Long, Long Trail is a useful resource for anyone looking for background on the soldiers, units, regiments and battles of the British Army of the First World War. Contains valuable information about how to go about researching military records.
Comprehensive multimedia site summarising the Great War in easily-understood language. Includes battles, timelines, documents, maps, photographs and audio visual material.

Web Resources for children & young adults
History Learning Site is an accessible site covering world history from Ancient Roman times to the late 20th Century, and has a large First World War area. Suitable for students of all ages.
The BBC’s site provides a wide variety of resources aimed at primary and secondary students.
HistoryontheNet’s aim is to provide historical information that is easy for both children and adults to navigate, is written in accessible language, is illustrated wherever possible and makes learning fun.